Who supplies “Sales Floss?”

Who supplies “Sales Floss?”

We’re all sales professionals, we take great lengths to put our best foot forward. The truth is everything we say in our presentation we’ll be either attracts or distracts from our message, and the momentum you are aiming for. Like sitting across the conference room table with a nice piece of spinach stuck between your two front teeth, you can plow your way through your presentation, with the spinach in plain sight, failing at closing the anything. We have all been there and it’s uncomfortable.

Then you might be tempted to rationalize not advancing the sales with Brene Browns quote: “Lean into Discomfort” or “It’s he or she who’s willing to be the most uncomfortable can rise strong.”  Is this what she meant?  Yes, get into the arena and fight, but after a while you are going to notice that your blade is not cutting anything.
Looking in the mirror and beginning to understand the distracting parts of your presentation, might be more along the lines of “leaning into discomfort.” And getting very vulnerable about some of our weaknesses is admitting you could have a sharper blade, or some floss.
How often do you go to a presentation without flossing teeth or at least looking in the mirror once? How often do we examine our presentation with a third party? Which is similar to looking into the mirror, it’s a healthy practice!
Plain and simple regular flossing’s or examinations on what effects your “word smiting” has on your audience is well worth your time. I don’t want to “drill” into your confidence, or have you worry about every word you’re saying. But there is something to say about regular check-ups.  Really, when was the last time you pulled your script out and worked on it with someone?


Sometimes, we just get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks, and we don’t take the time to sharpen the blade. In fact, sometimes the cultures in our office clashes with best practices. “Just go out and knock the doors” is way too common in our industry.
So, ask yourself, what is your close ratio? Where should it be? And what is your close ratio for all the closes throughout your sale-cycle? Qualifying, prospecting, trial closes, everything up right to the end, when they sign on the dotted line.
We can find the time to help you. Whatever your case is, don’t wait. Take some time and look into it, get flossing.  Second opinions are valuable, and a sales professional looking in your “sales mirror” can have the results you’re wanting.  You have come to the right place for “Sales Floss.” In Fact, nine out ten sales organizations we work with say C&W “Sales Floss?” is the brand they prefer!

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