What is Sales Consulting?

What is Sales Consulting?

Sales consulting is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of a sales organization’s structure and performance as it fulfills the company’s needs for:

(1) Sustainable growth, (2) Ideal revenue streams, and (3) Development or Maintenance of a healthy sales organization.


Sales Consulting provides analysis to the executive team with the current state of the sales organization. The analysis allows advice for best practices, guiding and positioning the organization to meet growth objectives. Additional assistance provides for upgrading less-effective compensation plans and talent acquisition procedures, and streamlining and automating sales processes.


The value delivered is measured and categorized as it relates to:

First, efficiency of the “roles” in the company (CEO to Sales Rep);

Second, pains eased or alleviated for the company and those accountable for sales performance, and

Third, the realization of desired gains typically revolving around an achieved strategic direction for the sales organization and members.

All three of these categories of improvements position an organization to adapt to changing markets and product offerings, as well as to attract and retain desirable talent.

Examples of ways updated compensation plans create value: CFOs may reduce overhead; Sales team members may increase motivation and satisfaction; HR may decrease turnover; Sales managers may grow their sales teams.

Examples of ways sales data automation creates value: Executives and sales leaders receive timely visibility to sales KPI’s; Sales professionals increase their actual selling time as sales administrative assistants relieve them of crippling administrate work; Marketing dollars go further, making more funds available for growth as a result of efficient feedback loops.

Exponential growth results from proactive and intentional advances in improving sales professionals’ skills. The effects a “well-tuned” or a poorly tuned sales organization can be felt across an entire organization or company. Skills ranging from developing an understating of a value proposition to account relationship management, help start new sales cycles with warm referrals, drawing measurable results, success, and employee satisfaction across the organization.

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