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A Forty-Foot Cliff & My 5-Year-Old – Sales Timing & Openness

I can still remember that day when I was stuck on the side of the mountain with my 5-year-old boy, carrying what felt like a 55-pound backpack. Obviously, I had taken the wrong turn, a shortcut. My excuses really didn’t matter at that point. I found myself inching my way up the mountain by placing my boy on a rock and then on top of a shrub, until I could go no further. We came to the face of a 40-foot cliff and the risk of getting off this mountain was mind blowing.

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Who supplies “Sales Floss?”

We’re all sales professionals, we take great lengths to put our best foot forward. The truth is everything we say in our presentation we’ll be either attracts or distracts from our message, and the momentum you are aiming for. Like sitting across the conference room table with a nice piece of spinach stuck between your two front teeth, you can plow your way through your presentation, with the spinach in plain sight, failing at closing the anything. We have all been there and it’s uncomfortable.

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