Structuring Sales Teams

Structuring Sales Teams

Tradition has dictated almost 90% of the way we have reward successin the past. We have to let go of the past assumptions and just do what makes sense. When we accept the fact that most of the successful sales professionals were born with talent, now our responsibility is to motivate, inspire, and align the talent with your company’s overall objectives and performance.


(1) Reward Often – Waiting until the end of the month or quarter to reward performance is not effective, find ways to make result-based rewards happen as often as possible.

(2) Revue Generating Activity – Regular, reasonable, and retro quotas will attract, motivate, and inspire good talent. A good quota system will also accomplish 90% of the management work for you.

(3) Leave Senior Performers Alone – Attempting to place senior sales talent into the same box as a greenie is not motivating or inspiring. Let go of any ego and let senior sales performance trump greenie requirements like mandatory sales training.


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