How are you measuring? CRM / SAAS subscriptions fall into two categories

How are you measuring? CRM / SAAS subscriptions fall into two categories

Is it month twenty-seven and you still wish your CRM gave you more info?  You’re always asking your sales team to update their pipeline for your projections, and half the time your projections are off anyway. However, the inaccurate data never lets you make the adjustments or see the trends to adapt which means you may be stuck in category one.

Category One… Min-monthly CRM subscription.  Very affordable with little to no customization.  Avoid this.  You get to see your data, add more data, enter an opportunity, and run a report or two.   Want more?  Pay more!  Although, each level become more and more expensive.  It can break the bank very quickly paying 3 to 10 K per month.  Apps like HubSpot ($50 to $180 per seat) and Pipe rive ($12.50 to $99 per seat).  Are you startup?  Try to avoid the “free” hook and invest in a system that will scale with you.  Need a tax write off the higher-end versions can be impressive.

Category Two…  Salesforce.  We are kidding… some other solutions besides Salesforce, but we want to make a point.  You should be investing in a system with functionality like Salesforce Enterprise out of the box.  A system that truly manages important interactions with customers and potential customers.  The idea is to focus on those organizations and individuals to “advance” the sales opportunity or nurture the relationship with your current customer base.

There are several other CRMs that will do 80% of what Salesforce can do.  Do they cost less?  Yes. Look for something similar to the functionality of V-Tiger, Zendesk

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