We work with organizations and individuals with needs or desires to improve their sales trajectories and business development. We specialize in strategies to overcome a variety of sales challenges encountered by executives, managers, and individual sales professionals including: 

(1) Business Development, (2) Sales Organization & Restructuring, (3) Professional Sales Development, (4) Sales Mentoring, (5) Outsourced Sales, And (6) Value of scrum.

 We have enjoyed gaining firsthand experience in developing and implementing sales and business development strategies for scalable growth in companies and organizations in North America and Mexico. Our clients include Utah.Energy, SRP, Dominion, Workday, ITC, Pacific Power, IBM, Peach Tree, Energy Experts, SealPro, American Disposal, ADP, BioLab, and CA Technologies


Goal is to find new avenues for growth: identify, cultivate, and grow relationships that will open new or unique paths of opportunities. Tap into potential venues through which to sell the product or service. Improve opportunities to develop new audiences through partnerships with other entities; interested in similar demographics while resulting in mutually advantageous relationships and or offerings.


With the objective of feeding a company’s lifeblood, we assist in organizing or restructuring sales organizations to obtain higher results and increased internal satisfaction with less procedural friction. We assist in implementing best practices of recruiting, compensation, and training. Results include cutting costs and time involved in initial training and better casting, retaining legacy sales professionals, refining support teams, and improving corporate pro-sales cultures, etc.


Sales Representative Development – Corrigan & Williams teaches predictable sales skills professionals and organizations can count on. Our clients are able to effectively use this knowledge to grow their teams and businesses. These skills are essential, predictable, and based on tested fundamental and comprehensive principles.

There are several roles for which a salesperson is responsible during a sales cycle. Sustainable success is predicated on one’s proficiency in finding, understanding, and executing reliable principles, rather than mirroring movements or techniques. 

Simply put, knowledge of a skill comes from understanding and agreeing with principles governing that skill. Such knowledge leads to success.

In today’s world, with an abundance of information as well as disinformation, finding, prioritizing, and developing predictable skills has become overwhelming for many. Incredible amounts of “noisy” information is generated on the Internet every hour, stimulating information overload.  The after effects of “info binging” leave most to an “info coma,” creating frustration, exhaustion, and disorientation.

In contrast, our clients move forward with team productivity and focus wielding the skill of “filtering out the noise.” Corrigan & Williams helps client companies gather and prioritize lasting, reliable, and foundational sales principals rather than the current fads and fiction.

We deliver a combination of what we call “Block and Tackle” sales competence, Vince Lombardi style.  Professionals using the proven sales principles, beginning with developing an understanding of “value proposition” and ending with account relationship management. Our clients move forward with reliable skills used to build a sustainable sales career or sales organization.


Designed for corporate executives, sales management, and sales professions. Corrigan & Williams Sales Mentoring assists with recognizing and leveraging sales talent, and developing successful revenue generating habits, block and tackle sales skills, psychological selling, emotional management, and leadership through self-mastery.


Designed for startups and small-scale businesses without in-house professional sales teams, Corrigan & Williams Sales Outsourcing provides outsourced sales teams and services to enable small businesses to not only survive but thrive in the new economic climate.


The scrum structure is heuristic; it depends on ceaseless learning and change in accordance with fluctuating elements. It recognizes that the team doesn’t know it all toward the beginning of an undertaking and will advance through experience. Scrum is organized to assist team with normally adjusting to changing conditions and client necessities, with re-prioritization incorporated into the interaction and short delivery cycles so your team can continually learn and improve.