Introduction to Sales Foundation

In the realm of sales, a strong foundation is not just about having a strategy; it’s about weaving your core values and unique selling propositions into the fabric of your market positioning. The ‘Sales Foundation’ section of this discovery analysis provides a framework for you to reflect on the intricacies of your sales strategy, its alignment with your business objectives, and the resonant echo of your company’s vision and mission in every customer interaction. As you navigate through this section, consider the alignment of your product or service portfolio with the market’s pulse and your brand’s positioning within the competitive landscape. Your sales targets and pricing strategy are the heartbeat of your financial and operational planning — are they setting a rhythm for success? This is your opportunity to ensure that the base upon which your sales architecture is built is as strong and as strategic as it can be. 

Quiz Instructions for Sales Foundation 

As you answer the following questions, we encourage you to rate each aspect of your Sales Foundation honestly. Your responses will illuminate the areas where you stand firm and those where growth is not just possible, but necessary. For each statement, please indicate: 


  • NA – This item is neither a concern nor a priority. 
  • 0% – It’s important, but we haven’t started yet. 
  • 25% – Initiated and prioritized. 
  • 50% – Addressed within the past 24 months, requires further attention. 
  • 75% – Gaining momentum and under control. 
  • 100% – Fully committed to this best practice and actively maintaining it. 


Remember, the final section of this quiz offers a space for elaboration. Here, you are welcome to provide additional details or context to give us a clearer picture of your sales foundation. These narratives are vital, offering Corrigan and Williams the insight necessary to understand and support the areas that matter most to your sales operation.